TLIC3036 Apply safe car driving behaviours

Nationally accredited training course delivered by highly experienced industry specialists. This course is conducted over 1 day.
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Delivered by Expert Training Group in partnership with Advanced Driver Training Centre, this unit involves the skills and knowledge required for higher-order safe driving. This unit applies to any driver required to apply safe driving behaviours. This includes higher-order skills involving broad cognitive, technical, communication and vehicle management. It also requires knowledge about hazard perception, risk control and safe driving behaviour, judgement, decision making and multi-tasking, that builds on driver licence requirements across a range of vehicles and driving situations. Safe car driving behaviours are applied without supervision.

Nationally accredited units are:

  • TLIC3036 Apply safe car driving behaviours

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Topics covered in the course are:

  • Apply relevant legislation applicable to safe car driving
  • Apply safe car driving behaviours
  • Apply low-risk driving strategies
  • Explain risk factors that contribute to accidents when driving a car
  • Apply operation and car control skills
  • Carry out slow speed manoeuvres to a high level of technical competence
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